OPUS -- Organization for Paranormal Understanding and Support. Referrals to simpatico therapists and other helping professionals for people with anomalous traumas and related problems, especially, rough UFO experiences. Commendable for their position that right now, we have no good explanation for the UFO phenomenon, but some people who've experienced it up close and personal need help from psychologically hip people who also are comfortable with para-almost-anything experiencing.

PEER -- Program for Extraordinary Experience Research was started in 1993 by Pulitzer Prize-winning psychiatrist John Mack of Harvard, author of Abductions: Human Encounters with Aliens. PEER is Cambridge, MA based and "contributes to the scientific and philosophical exploration of experiences that do not fit our usual understanding of reality." They've also developed a "network of compassionate support for individuals reporting anomalous experiences." Good referral source. Interesting results from questionnaires of UFO experiencers. http:// (Since the death of Dr. Mack in 2005, this is the new website that carries on much of the work PEER started.)

MAPS -- Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies, works to obtain government approval for and channels private funds for more research on psychoactive compounds like LSD, MDMA, Ibogaine and others that have already demonstrated excellent therapeutic potential. (The shamanic, entheobotanical, Ibogaine, is an especially important new one that in one 20+ hour session, blocks addiction to cocaine, heroin, even multiple addictions, for months -- with no withdrawal symptoms [!] -- giving an addicted person a chance to turn his/her life around.) If you read our list of possible "edgelings", you'll see why we support MAPS' work. Great links from MAPS' page!

MONDO GROSSO-- Michael Grosso's site which is about "information singularities," the kind that "challenge paradigms." "Why St John? He had the idea of a new heaven and earth; an end to ordinary history; -- a new story."

BRIAN O'LEARY'S PAGE -- Brian's into so many great things that'd turn the planet into such a different place. . .things that are already out there with proof-of-concept equipment already humming. Like Zero Point Energy, just for instance. He writes books titled The Second Coming of Science and Miracle in the Void. A former astronaut, an astrophysicist, a visionary. . .My hit is he's already got his foot on the evolutionary jump kick-start pedal. Go look.

BREAKING THE GODSPELL is Neil Freer's first book title. His second is, God Games: What Do you Do Forever, (1999). Some readers may be familiar with Zecharia Sitchin's important scholarship (The Twelfth Planet, Genesis Revisited, among others) showing that the Sumerian cuneiform tablets tell a very different story of our origins than does today's mainstream archaeology or paleontology. Something like 250,000 years back, the Adama was a genetic engineering cross between homo erectus and very large, high-tech humanoids, the Nefilim (often called the “Elohim” in The Old Testament), from another planet, Nibiru, which may still be in our solar system. We were "bred" to be slaves to these "giants in the Earth" (see Genesis 6) whom we thought of as the "gods" who came from "up there". . ."heaven". Neil springboards off Sitchin's work and addresses our current, species-wide psycho-philosophical situation, some 10,000 generations later, where we may be on the verge of casting off our servility and coming into. . .our own!

Consider the kind of evolutionary jump that might be! Check your pre-conceptions at the door here and go look at Neil's site.

 (If the extremely brief teaser above is your first exposure to this drastic re-casting of the question, "Where did we come from?" you may wonder what laughing academy you've stumbled into. But. . .the evidence is robust. And mountainous! Go to the Directory on Neil's site, unfasten your seat belt and read the synopsis of Breaking the Godspell.)

Billy Booth must live inside his computer 28 hours a day. His site, is the most exhaustive reference library -- constantly updated -- about ufos there is. Including any in print. His "ABCs of UFOs" page is a marvel and the best place ever for any newbie to ufostuff to start. (Be sure to allow yourself at least two hours before you log in. You won't be able to tear yourself away.) UFO magazine gave the site a rave review early in 2000.

LLOYD PYE'S PAGE AND BOOK -- A short excerpt from Lloyd's book is on the "Darwin's Creation Myth" page. Everything You know Is Wrong -- Book One: Human Origins is excellent and wonderfully detailed, asks all the hard questions about and to the tottering Darwinist edifice and presents all the evidence. Go to his web site for a fine list of these questions right on the home page. Enough to know that many parts of modern "science" would be better classified a "faith" -- maybe even a "Faith".

LAURA LEE'S PAGE -- Laura Lee runs a radio show about anomalous matters with many great guests. If you resonate to the ideas in the write-up of Neil Freer's site above, you may enjoy the brief summary she writes about "ooparts" (out-of-place artifacts) such as clearly human remains and items like gold chains found in rock strata millions of years old. She refers to Michael Cremo's and Richard Thompson's careful scholarship in their recent Forbidden Archeology which was featured on an NBC TV special, "The Mysterious Origins of Man" in February, 1996. Go to the site listed and click on "Articles", then on "ooparts".

PETER RUSSELL'S PAGE -- We've mentioned Peter's name on various pages throughout this site. His book The Global Brain and his more recent thinking is especially relevant to our work. This link is direct to a page on his site where you can read a provocative essay, "The Global Brain and the Evolution of the WWW." After that, back up and browse around. Some super speculations, ideas and great links for those excited by what we're on about here.

The H.I.S.S. of the A.S.P. (The Holistic Inventory of Special Sensitivities of the Anomalously Sensitive Person) website. Here's all the information and quotes, etc. about David Ritchey's new (2003) book that addresses all the exciting data and stats about the anomalously sensitive person (some of whom might be evolutionary edgelings, which is why they're so interesting to us.)