100,000 Hermaphrodites

What would happen if Geraldo Rivera informed us one morning that there were 100,000 more human hermaphrodites in the U.S. this year than last? And quite amazingly, this new group had generated no fewer than 2500 authenticated "virgin" births? The babies were all thriving and many showed early signs of paranormal abilities. Pollsters were recording high anxiety among college students who were asked about the future of sexuality. Reactions became violent now and then. One identified "father/mother" was perambulating his/her infant in downtown El Paso, Texas. S/he was assaulted and roughed up by a burly man brandishing a long-neck Budweiser bottle.

And, as if this weren't chaotic enough, a case before the Supreme Court claiming insemination by nocturnal emission was demanding a new look at the court's recent conservatism on the abortion issue. . .

And so forth.

This tongue-in-cheek example is meant as a serious broad hint at evolution's volatile, often apparently crab-wise progressions. An evolutionary leap might not turn out to be a fulfillment of anyone's dream, but rather a surprise; an ending (or beginning!) with an O'Henry twist.

caption: Old UFO

Archaic UFO