Who may be "Edgelings"*?

(Edgelings: those who might give us hints as to how to amplify or modify the direction an evolutionary leap can take.)

Here's a list of possibles:

Go to "twilight zones" in right sidebar for more on other blurred-boundary, evolutionary eye-openers.


*Profound thanks to Saundra Kiehn for this coinage!

And consider this: Could some of these phenomena and/or experiences be "the budding limbs and organs of our future nature?" Michael Murphy

Evolutionary "Twilight Zones"

Speaking of "edgelings", we may be, right now, in what some theorists call an evolutionary "twilight zone" like the slime mold, Dictyostelium discoideum, an organism which falls somewhere between a collection of single-celled amoeba and a true multi-cellular animal. Most of the time the individual amoeba live and eat separately, but when food shortages occur, they bunch together and make a big "slug" which moves along as a breast-like unit (a "grex") until it finds food. Then it dissolves into individuals again.

However, if no food is found, the grex creates an inch-long thin stalk of its "members", and, spore-like, a small group of amoebas at the top get cast off into the air to find food elsewhere. And the process starts over.

This is like the Kachin people in N. Burma who live as separate tribes until food is scarce; then they unite for the scarcity time under a king.