The New Being Project is a non-profit corporation that explores the strong likelihood that our species may be headed into a rapid evolutionary jump, one of comparable impact to the momentous and sudden leap from anaerobic to aerobic bacteria, or from asexual to sexual reproduction. We may even be at a juncture where we can invent such a leap. NBP's present task is to identify and study people who may be "edgelings"; those who might give us hints as to how to amplify or modify the direction the leap takes. We may all become co-architects in evolution: A radical venture indeed!

[The human brain performs] in an unimagined range of ways bearing no relation to the selective reasons for initial enlargement. Most of human society may rest on these non-adaptive consequences. -Stephen Jay Gould

In our inquiry, we're inspired by the work of people like Michael Murphy The Future of the Body, Peter Russell The Global Brain, Terence and Dennis McKenna The Invisible Landscape and Time Wave Zero, Jerome C. Glenn Future Mind: Artificial Intelligence and Barbara Marx Hubbard (see quote in left sidebar). See also our Bibliography, the LINKS page and the Darwin's Creation Myth page.


Human Electromagnetic Sensitivity Study - Many UFO and/or near-death experiencers claim the sudden onset afterward of sometimes debilitating sensitivity to normal electrical events in their everyday environments, e.g., they can't be in the same room with an operating microwave, or they get suddenly nauseated when driving underneath cross-country power transmission lines. Do such experiences rig people with "more sail to the wind" as Dr. Wayne London so aptly puts it? We are currently working closely with David Ritchey, PhD. who's developed and administered a thorough questionnaire study trying to see what correlates with what among people with many kinds of heightened sensitivities. (As of 6/2003, the data has been collected, and we're preparing a paper about the very robust results to be submitted to a refereed journal. And Dr.Ritchey's exciting book, The H.I.S.S. of the A.S.P.: Understanding the Anomalously Sensitive Person has recently been published. Click on the title to read much more about it.

An anthology: Zen in the Art of Close Encounters: Crazy Wisdom and UFOs - The mind-pretzeling nature of UFO contact hints very strongly to us that such events may be paving stones on the royal route to an evolutionary leap. In April, '95, NBP published a collection of 36 authors, thinkers, investigators and cartoonists who've delved into the best kinds of high and low strangenesses -- the kinds that present us with paradoxes on top of paradoxes. Our neurological relays pop -- which may be exactly the point! (As John Mack [see LINKS] put it so well: "UFOs are an outreach program for the consciousness-impaired.") The book has met with considerable critical acclaim in the UFO press, and is available in quality stores: Barnes & Noble, B. Dalton, Borders, Amazon.com and more to come. Also from us by mail. ($8.70 ppd in USA only). Make checks to The New Being Project.) Go to ZACE for more about the book and a reprint of a short essay from it by the editor.

We are a deeply adventurous species. This is a stupendously adventurous universe! To think that the entire universe was set up to end up listening to Vivaldi quartets in drawing rooms -- it just doesn't make sense! -Michael Murphy, founder of Esalen; author of The Future of the Body


For brevity's sake, we've left large gaps in the outline above: Who are the likely "edgelings"? What are some of the strong signals that a human evolutionary leap might be imminent? (See the "edgelings" page) What are our yardsticks for a leap as distinct from a mutation or even a speciation? (Hint: The evolutionary rules change after a leap.) Why don't we speak of "higher consciousness"? (Hint: Evolution may not care what the New Age or any spiritual discipline thinks. For an impious speculation on the wiliness evolution often displays, go to Evojoke.) Click on the links in the above text for more as well as a short bibliography. What are our best guesses on the way evolution works? (Hint: We're Post-Darwinists. . .Huh? Post-Darwinist evolution? . . .Isn't that an oxymoron? See the Darwin's Creation Myth page for some paradigm-pranging propositions that smite the evolutionary orthodoxy not a few mighty blows. . .and yet don't embrace any kind of "creationism".








To use an analogy of Barbara Marx Hubbard, imagine what a committee of bacteria would have said about the environmental impact of a small group of bacteria's plans to use photosynthesis, 3,500 million years ago: "The oxygen produced by this process is dangerous stuff. It is poisonous to all known forms of life, and it is also highly flammable, likely to burn us all to ashes. It is almost certain to lead to the destruction of life." Without doubt, photosynthesis would have been banned as "selfish, unnatural and irresponsible." Luckily for us, no such committee existed and photosynthesis went on ahead. It did indeed bring about a major crisis, but on the other side of it came plants, animals, you and I. -Peter Russell in The Global Brain


If the human brain were so simple that we could understand it, we would be so simple that we couldn't. -Emerson Pugh